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Meio Período

Descrição da vaga

Security Research Intern

Location: Remote
Type: 20h or 30h weekly
Compensation: R$ 2.000,00 or R$ 3.000,00 monthly

About us
Fuzzy (https://fuzzy.fyi) specializes in full-service invariant test development for smart contracts. Our focus is on defining, implementing, and rigorously testing smart contract invariants to ensure robust security in blockchain applications.

Role Overview
As a Security Research Intern at Fuzzy, you will be working on a diverse range of research activities related to blockchain security, such as performing benchmarks, security reviews, security analyses, writing articles, and research papers, and presenting findings to the general public on conferences and social media. This role is ideal for those passionate about academic research, blockchain technology, and smart contract security.

- Assist in developing and implementing invariant tests for smart contracts
- Analyze smart contracts for potential vulnerabilities and security issues
- Contribute to research initiatives for advanced testing techniques
- Writing articles, research papers, blog posts, and presenting findings to the general public
- Work with smart contract testing frameworks like Foundry, Echidna, Medusa, and Halmos

- Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Engineering, or a related field
- Proficiency in written English
- Proven academic excellence, such as Olympiad medalist, Undergraduate scientific researcher ("Iniciação científica"), Teaching assistant ("Monitoria"), Top quartile of the class, Top quartile of entrance exam ("ENEM", "Vestibular"), Scholarship recipient ("Bolsista"), and others
- Interest in blockchain technology, smart contracts, formal methods, and academic research
- Familiarity with any programming language
- Strong analytical, self-learning, and problem-solving skills
- Ability to work autonomously and efficiently in an asynchronous setting

Application process
- Phase 1: Submit your CV or LinkedIn to https://bit.ly/fuzzy-security-research-intern
- Phase 2: Interview
- Phase 3: Technical writing challenge